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Steam and Extract - £20 - 30 minutes

Very simply, this facial will include a deep cleanse, steam treatment, and extraction of blocked pores and blackheads followed by application of either moisturiser or facial oil to finish. Skin that needs a lot of attention may require the Clean and Clear Extraction Facial or multiple sessions over a month.

Clean and Clear Extraction Facial - £30 - 1 Hour

Skin will be treated to a deep, double cleanse, followed by steam treatment and extraction of blocked pores and blackheads to remove impurities and dullness. Exfoliation will cleanse the skin of dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin underneath. The method will vary depending on your skin type, and will be tailored to suit your needs. Then an aromatherapy oil is blended and applied to your skin. Facial masques are not used, instead we finish with facial oil or moisturiser.

Seven Wonders Facial - £30 - 1 Hour

Take spiritual facial journey, with this relaxing treat for the skin and the senses, inspired by facial techniques from around the world.

Your facial journey starts with an initial oil cleanse to remove make-up and surface congestion. A second cleanse deeply detoxifies the pores and relieves puffiness using lymph drainage techniques.

Enjoy the refreshing sensations of the Steam treatment which softens the skin in preparation for extraction of pores in selected areas of congestion. Dead skin cells and congestion are eased away with exfoliation to reveal fresh, bright skin underneath, which will absorb the nourishing oils and masque to follow.

Relax and unwind as your aromatherapy massage takes care of stubborn tension all over the face, neck and shoulders, using techniques developed from massage around the world.

Finally, as you drift in and out of sleep, a deeply nourishing masque is applied, whilst every last stress and strain is taken away during the head massage.

Add ons:

Enhance the benefits of your facial with a 20 minute back, neck and shoulder massage for £10.
Spending all day on your feet? Add a relaxing foot massage to your facial for £5.